We’re the Brik Bros – Liam, age 13, & Theo, age 10, plus our minifig size younger brother Eliot. While we really are brothers, we weren’t always the Brik Bros. We love playing with LEGO and are excited to share that with you!

We had the idea to start an educational series of LEGO creativity videos a while ago, but were motivated to make when Liam was 11 and Theo was 7. It happen because of the 2014 World Class Challenge we received as a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team, the Ancient Androids. As part of the challenge, we were asked to come up with an education topic and propose a solution. We chose how to improve how kids build creatively with LEGO. We chose this question because we would like to help kids unlock their creativity because a lot of kids only build LEGO from instructions.

We started this website to help teach kids how to build creatively and specifically show how other kids build creatively with LEGO. This is important because research shows that kids are highly influenced by other kids. We’re hoping to help inspire more kids to take their creativity with LEGO to the next level! We plan to do this with videos, interviews with kids and adults who are really creative with LEGO, games, and more!

Here is our first Brik Bros episode introducing our innovative website and show, designed to inspire kids to take their creativity with LEGO bricks to a new level:

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We’d like the Brik Bros site to be interactive. So please leave comments and join the conversation about how to become more creative with LEGO.

Here we are as the FIRST LEGO League Team, the Ancient Androids:

Brik Bros as Ancient Androids
Brik Bros as Ancient Androids, holding our robot, “Rogue.”

Disclaimer: LEGO® and the minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group of Companies which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this website.


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