The Case for Creativity


Hi there parents! We’re the Brik Bros! We’re glad you’re here and we think that this is a great opportunity for your children to get more creative with Legos.

You might be asking yourself, why us? Through the research for our website, we found that kids learn very well from other kids. This is something known as the peer effect, which is when a child soaks in what kids around them are doing, and are more motivated to act that way.

In this changing world, creativity is so important. It will guide your children through childhood and into adulthood. It will open new doors and amazing possibilities, and one of the greatest things about LEGO is that it is a great tool to help children to unlock their creativity, because kids love to play with the small, brightly-colored bricks. But at the same time, it’s also helping to develop other skills, such as spatial awareness, fine motor skills, sorting skills, and, if your child is interacting with other kids as they are building, social skills.

As part of our 2014 FIRST LEGO League Team’s project, which you can read about here, we did a lot of research on how children learn through play, how children benefit from creativity, and how LEGO play benefits kids.

We interviewed a lot of professional and experts, both locally and across the world. We attended two LEGO free-play events at two of our local libraries. We read a lot of books, articles, and websites; watched online videos; and even bought a LEGO Master Builder Academy set and played with it.

We learned a lot. Here are some highlights from our research:

  • Science shows that play is as important to a child’s development as eating and sleeping.
  • Kids learn well through play and hands-on experiences.
  • Kids teaching kids can be very effective due to the peer effect.
  • LEGO play can help children develop creativity, spatial skills (physics), sorting skills (math), fine motor skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, and more.
  • Open-ended building time with LEGO increases your creativity.
  • Kids learn well at home through conversations with parents, so our videos will be more effective if you parents let your kids share their designs and explanations about them. We encourage parents to play LEGO with their kids and engage with them!
  • Play is a way that even adults can learn, communicate, and explore new ideas. That’s how LEGO Serious Play helps corporations through their consultant services.
  • We found that LEGO’s Master Builder Academy does a nice job of motivating kids to do creative design challenges in order to unlock the next level of resources online.
  • We liked the LEGO Quest challenges and think that was a great way to spark kids’ creativity.



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