The Crusader – Spaceship+Mech

Hi, Liam here! I’m so excited to kick off our Brik Bros Reboot, a series of short posts highlighting some of our coolest designs!

Today I’m sharing the Crusader, a spaceship I’ve been working on for a few months. The cool thing about it is that it not only flies, but it can also walk! I tried to use click joint pieces to create the leg movement, but they were too limiting, so in the end I used only half of a click joint for each leg.

I hope these pictures inspire you to create your own sci-fi designs!


The ship from the front

Crusader Ship Front w Copyright

The back of the ship – the rockets become missiles after it transforms

Crusader Ship Back w Copyright

The ship from the side

Crusader Ship Top w Copyright

The ship before it begins transformation

Crusader Ship Side w Copyright

First the legs split apart,

Crusader Beginning Transform w Copyright

Then the feet rotate,

Crusader Transforming w Copyright

And finally it stands up.

Crusader Walker Top w Copyright

A side image of the ship in walker mode

Crusader Walker Side w Copyright

A close-up of the legs

Crusader Legs w Copyright

The minifigure pilot with his gear

Crusader w Copyright

This model really proves that something is not always what it seems! Have you ever built a model that has a hidden feature?


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