The Crusader – Spaceship+Mech

Hi, Liam here! I'm so excited to kick off our Brik Bros Reboot, a series of short posts highlighting some of our coolest designs! Today I'm sharing the Crusader, a spaceship I've been working on for a few months. The cool thing about it is that it not only flies, but it can also walk! … Continue reading The Crusader – Spaceship+Mech

Secrets of the Model Builders

Hi, Liam here! On a recent trip to Florida, we spent the day having a completely AWESOME time at LEGOLAND. When some of the staff heard about the work we had been doing for BrikBros, they helped to arrange a meeting with Roger, a model builder who works at the LEGOLAND Florida Model Shop. Now, … Continue reading Secrets of the Model Builders

Animals of the African Savannah: Building abstract LEGO models

When our parents were children, they played with LEGOs quite different than the ones that we play with now. Their LEGOs were blocky -- no curves -- just plain old bricks. Now I (Liam) found myself sitting in the car, driving back from vacation. We'd been in the car for hours, and I was riding … Continue reading Animals of the African Savannah: Building abstract LEGO models